Prof. Ing. Miroslav KURSA, CSc.

 Prof. Ing. Miroslav KURSA, CSc.

Academic and scientific qualifications: 
1971 University of Ostrava, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
1978 Candidate Dissertation Defense
1988 Nomination - assistant professor for the field of non-ferrous metals metallurgy
1991 Habilitation in the field of non-ferrous metals metallurgy
2000 Nomination - Professor of Metallurgical Technology 

Professional Practice 
1971 - 1974 University of Ostrava - Assistant
1974 - 1978 VÚHŽ Dobrá - an independent researcher
1979 - 1980 - researcher
1981 - 1988 University of Ostrava - Assistant Professor
1989 - 1990 - Associate Professor
1991 - 2000 - hab. Associate Professor
1994 - 1995 VSB - TU Ostrava - Head of the Department of non-ferrous metals
1995 - 2000                              - Head of Institution of Non-ferrous metals
2000 - 2022 VSB - TU Ostrava - Head of the Department of Non-ferrous metal, refining and recycling
1997 - 2000 Associate Dean for Development and Strategy of Faculty
2003 - 2022 Associate Dean for Science and Research

His more than 40 years of scientific activity were focused mainly on the metallurgy of nonferrous metals and their alloys. In the last year, he was primarily engaged in:

He has authored or co-authored more than 170 articles, including 3 monographs and 25 articles in international journals.

Since 1993, he has been a holder of 15 grants (GA ČR, MPO ČR, MŠMT). He was an investigator of the research plan MŠMT ČR reg. No. MSM 6198910013 entitled "Preparation processes and properties of highly pure and structurally defined special materials". He is a PGS trainer.

He was a member of the Board of doctoral study program "Chemistry and Technology of Materials" fields "Physical metallurgy and material limit stages" and "Chemical Metallurgy" at VŠCHT Prague. At VSB - Technical University Ostrava, he is a member of professional consultation of doctoral studies in the fields of "Metallurgy" and "Materials Science and Engineering. He is a member of the editorial board of "Acta Metalurgica Slovaca". Since 2007, he has been a member of the Scientific Council of Faculty of Metallurgy at Technical University of Košice.